Pre-internship Unit Plan

This is the unit plan that I created for my three-week pre-internship block. I think this unit is the beginnings of a great unit plan!

Pre-internship Unit Plan Framework

If you would like to view the completed unit, click here.


Science Unit Plan – Grade Six

This is a grade six mini unit plan that I created for ESCI317. This unit was developed so that the students would meet the learning outcome DL6.5: Assess effects of micro-organisms on past and present society, and contributions of science and technology to human understanding of micro-organisms.

Yeast Lesson Design Template Yeast hand-out Yeast Fermentation The Spice of Life Review Questions The Spice of Life power point The Spice of Life Lesson Design Microscope Lesson Part 2 Microscope Lesson Design Microscope Coloring and Worksheet Decompose This! Decompose This! Wrap up questions Decompose This! – Lesson Design


English Language Arts Unit Plan – Grade 8

Unit Plan Rationale & Summary

This unit  will focus on ELA, SS and Arts Ed. outcomes with the essential question being: “How does Place impact identity and culture?”. Students will explore how place influences their identity and culture. Students will ask “Who am I” which is a critical question to ask ourselves throughout our lives. We will talk about different identities and how “Place” has a significant impact on who we are, who we become and the labels that we give ourselves and others. The unit will include group discussions about identity, culture and place as students learn about themselves and their classmates.

We will discuss how Indian Residential Schools have impacted the individuals who attended them and we will compare and contrast the differences and similarities in the school experience the students have now. In learning about residential schools, we will have a visit from an Elder come into our classroom and discuss what their experience was attending these schools and how the schools impacted identity and sense of self.

We will work at developing creative ways to think about things and use the arts as a way to express our ideas and learning. Students will explore different mediums to display their learning such as a pencil sketch and poetry. We will learn about different ways and strategies to take notes and debrief different text types.

This unit will also focus on deconstructing commonly held classroom norms therefore, we will practice working in groups, pairs and individually. We will encourage and practice being present, in the here and the now, away from the distractions of cell phones and we will push back a bit against technology. We will also journal and reflect on a daily basis so that at the end of the unit there will be evidence of growth in the students.  The unit will culminate by attending Orange Shirt Day Memorial service in Regina.  ELA Unit Plan