A decadent dessert

For my very first learning project I decided that I was going to go with a classic chocolate cake. But it couldn’t be just any regular old chocolate in a 9×13 rectangle pan. It had to be extra special if I was going to learn anything at all. After doing some google searches and looking through Pinterest I decided that I was going to go all in and attempt to make a triple layer raspberry filled chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ganache. This cake is the mother of all chocolate cakes. On the blogpost that I found on Pinterest the picture displayed this lovely triple-tiered chocolate cake with flawless, smooth chocolate frosting and uniformly drizzled chocolate ganache topped with plump raspberries. This cake was perfection. I took a deep breath and decided to just go for it.

Other than looking delicious, I chose to make this cake because it had a blog post that was well written, with lots of pictures and also a YouTube video. The recipe that was with the blog post looked like it could easily be followed and contained ingredients that I am familiar working with – no coconut oil and almond flour here!

The first thing that I had to do was go out a grab a few groceries. I already had many of the ingredients on-hand, but I needed to pick up natural cocoa, raspberries (four pints worth!), semi-sweet chocolate chips, whipping cream and three eight-inch round cake pans.

A few of the ingredients to start off

My original plan was to make this cake on the weekend so that we could enjoy it for dessert after supper on Mother’s Day but the day got away from me and then I ran out of time. So, I ended up baking the cake on Monday and then finishing it off Tuesday morning.

Here is the cake with just chocolate icing and no other decorations yet

As I was making the cake I realized that it probably would have been a good idea to read through the whole recipe thoroughly because I was short a couple of ingredients, namely dark chocolate cocoa powder and icing sugar for the chocolate frosting. I decided that I would just use the regular cocoa powder I had already purchased for the and then I borrowed some icing sugar from my neighbour because I didn’t have time to run out to the grocery store again.

So thankful for my trusty neighbour!

Another thing that was really irritating while making the cake is that somehow my stainless-steel measuring spoons and my one-cup measuring cup have somehow disappeared. I realized that it is nothing short of a miracle when something that I bake turns out because I just don’t have all of the proper baking tools. Ugh. Anyways, what I learned is don’t procrastinate in the baking, read through the entire recipe, make sure that I have everything I need and buy some new measuring utensils!

In the end, the cake turned out pretty darn good! I took it to class on Tuesday to share with everyone and then brought the rest home for my kids. Oh, and I even ran a piece down to the neighbour who gave me her bag of icing sugar! Everyone thought it was delicious and I’m actually happy with how it turned out… even if it was a bit lop-sided!

Here is the finished product!


Let the baking begin!

After much consideration in thinking about what would be the best, most rewarding learning project for me, I have decided that for this project I will learn how to make various cakes from scratch. I have a love of baking and… well of eating that baking too. This learning project will give me an excuse to bake up some fabulous cakes and it will also give me the opportunity to share the cakes with family and friends.

 I would consider myself to be a fairly good baker. I have made cakes before although most of them are the store bought variety and have come from a  box like Betty Crocker! For this learning project I will challenge myself to make what I would consider to be professional(ish)-looking cakes. The inspiration for this project comes from my daughter since her and I have recently watched the first season of Nailed It. You can watch a video about it here. This Netflix original series is where contestants compete for $10,000.00 by re-creating the most extravagant, complicated cakes. The show is quite hilarious and we have shared many giggle-fests watching it! Even though I’m not going to go quite that far, I love the thought of challenging myself in the kitchen!

 My plan is to bake one cake a week for the remainder of the semester. I will research and plan out my cake by using Pinterest, blogs and YouTube videos for recipes/instructions and then I will post blogs and videos on my progress. Then, I hope to share whatever I create with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues as I definitely don’t want to be eating an entire cake a week on my own! That would be a lot of extra calories!

Photo Credit: marcoverch Flickr via Compfight cc