Contributing to the learning of others and my PLN

Before taking EDTC300, I was not a fan of Twitter and I definitely did not have a PLN. I had peers and colleagues that I could turn to, but nothing close to what I feel I have now as my PLN. Also, I feel like I am just getting the hang of building this online relationship and I’m excited to take forward.

I started my Twitter account back in 2014 and by this April of 2018 I had a grand total of 18 tweets. I was not a huge tweeter, I think this is because back in 2014 I was just following a few celebrities and I didn’t think that I was getting anything meaningful out of it. Fast forward to today and since this May of 2018,  my total tweets have grown to 103!

I have worked really hard at creating and maintaining my Twitter presence and I see that there has been a huge improvement! This makes me excited to see this growth because before this class Twitter wasn’t even on my radar. My presence to contributing to Twitter has been consistent with tweeting original content, re-tweeting, liking and commenting on other people in my PLN’s tweets. See some evidence below:


Recent interactions on Twitter



Something that I am really happy with is the Twitter chat that Cody Biever and I had regarding the use of Twitter in the classroom. Even though this chat was in response to an assignment, it  was a valuable lesson for me because I used the Tweetdeck app to track the hashtag #Twitterintheclassroom and we went over some really good key points about why using Twitter in this was is beneficial. Additionally, our Twitter chat was  a good source for others to learn from and participate in.

Screenshot of our Twitter chat!


Another way that I contributed to the learning of others was to tweet out original content. Here are some articles and resources that I found off of my Feedly account which I thought were useful in sharing:

Here are just a few examples of contributions to my PLN



Another way that I contributed to the learning of others was through my WordPress website. I created my WordPress website in my second year of university and to date I have 53 blog posts! After posting my own assigned and learning project posts it was fun to see what everyone else was up to.  I encouraged others by commenting regularly on their learning project blogs. I enjoyed following along to the progress that my colleagues made in their learning projects and found the growth and personal development to be quite fascinating! Also, seeing how creative and talented these people are is an amazing experience! Please see below some of my interactions with my peers.


In terms of my own blog posts that I have written I always try to stay clear and concise and to the point. I try to make it interesting by posting pictures or inserting links to places where the reader might find valuable or interesting.  I enjoy blogging but I know that I can get a little overwhelmed but for the most part my blogs I think portray me in a professional manner.

In conclusion, I had a great experience becoming part of a PLN by using Twitter and my WordPress account. It has been so great to learn new things and to have a group of positive people who are working towards the same goals. It is my plan to stay connected in this professional way by blogging and tweeting and to grow my Professional Learning Network!


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