Peach Upside-down Cake

For this week’s Learning Project, I decided to try to make an upside-down cake. I checked out a few different websites and looked around on Pinterest but nothing really caught my eye until I came across this Peach Upside Down Cake recipe on the Food Network website. I’ve never before made this type of cake and so it was a chance to try something new. And, my kids really love peaches, nectarines, plums… basically any type of fruit that has a pit and so I thought that they should enjoy this cake, which works for me because I definitely don’t want to be eating a cake a week by myself!

One of the best parts about making this cake is it doesn’t require a whole bunch of expensive ingredients. In fact, the only ingredient on my shopping list was a can of whole peaches in light syrup that I picked up at Walmart for only a few bucks.



I found that the instructions for this cake were minimal. There weren’t any pictures other than the end result and there wasn’t much for step-by-step instructions. I can see how for some, making this cake, using this recipe and instructions could be a struggle.

Although some upside-down cake recipes involve using a molded pan the instructions for this recipe require that it is baked in a spring-form pan. The first step is to cut a piece of parchment paper in a circle the same diameter as the spring form pan is and placed it on the bottom – keeping in mind that this will be the top in the end! Then melt a quarter-cup of butter to line the parchment paper. Next, sprinkle a half-cup of brown sugar over the butter. This will make a carmel-y sauce once it is cooked. Then slice the peaches and place over the brown sugar in a concentric pattern. Again, keeping in mind that this will be the top of the cake once it is cooked and so I had to take the time to make a nice, symmetrical pattern.

The rest of the recipe comes together fairly easily.  Beat the butter and sugar and then add the eggs. Cream together until smooth and well combined. Then I sifted and the dry ingredients and then combined them with the wet ingredients. Easy-peasy!

Then I carefully poured the batter over top of the peaches and placed it in the oven.

Here is where things went sideways… I was just about to head over to my neighbor’s house for a quick visit while the cake was baking and just as I was walking out the door I started to smell something burning. Then, the fire-alarm went off (which is super sensitive by the way, I can barely make toast and it goes off)! My husband has trained our children well, because they all yell up from the family room saying “Mom’s cooking!!”. Turns out, I hadn’t sealed the spring form pan well enough and the cake batter was steadily dripping out of the pan and burning to the bottom of the oven!

You can see the cake batter smoldering away on the bottom of the oven

UGH! I had to think quick and realized I didn’t have very many options and I definitely did not want to chuck it out and start from scratch. So, I just wrapped tinfoil around the outside of the spring-form pan tightly enough to seal up the leak, cleaned up the bottom of the oven and walked out the door.


I came back thirty minutes later to a perfectly baked cake! Later, that evening the famjam and I went down to the neighbor’s for a visit and share up the cake. It was delicious!

The finished product





8 thoughts on “Peach Upside-down Cake

  1. Raegyn Fulmek says:

    Looks very delicious! I think I will try this as I have most of the ingredients and the rest won’t cost much, which I appreciate you including in your blog post. Do you have any advice for anyone making this in the future?


    • amandaewert says:

      Thanks! I would have to say to make sure the spring form pan that you are using is completely sealed. Also, slice the peaches about a quarter to half an inch thick. I sliced mine a bit thin and it was a bit disappointing.


  2. Daniellekelln says:

    Hi Amanda! This is so yummy! You are doing such an amazing job. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to create this cake, it looks so difficult but you did so great. Keep up the great work!


  3. mskaliday says:

    This looks awesome, I would have for sure messed it up (especially if the instructions aren’t great) but your’s looks delicious! I like that you’re incorporating pictures and links as well. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ms.Sydney McGrath says:

    This looks absolutely delicious Amanda! have been looking through all of your learning posts and you are doing a great job and showing great improvement! Great work!


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