Homemade Angel Food Cake – It takes patience…

For my learning project this week I decided to try something that I have never attempted to do before – make an angel food cake from scratch! Just about every grocery store had strawberries on sale and nothing is better than angel food cake, fresh strawberries and whip cream! And, as it happens I was invited back to where I used to work for a potluck lunch and so I figured that I would have some people to share the cake with!
Photo Credit: mripp Flickr via Compfight cc

mmm… strawberries

The first thing I did was I started to research homemade angel food cakes on Pinterest. Quite a few recipes came up and I was thinking about making a coconut angel food or even layering the cake. But, then I figured that since I was sharing it at the potluck lunch I should just stick with the old-fashioned strawberries and whip cream recipe because it always goes over well!

The recipe I used was an adapted from the Food Network by a blogger that I found on Pinterest. The recipe required a dozen egg whites at room temperature. I separated the eggs and then saved the yolks for another recipe. Once the egg whites had come to the proper temperature I began to assemble the rest of the ingredients. First, I placed the required amount of sugar into the food processor for about two minutes to grind it down to be a bit finer and then I began to put together the flour mixture.

making the sugar fine by using a food processor

The recipe called for cake flour, which I did not have on hand and so I quickly googled how to make my own. Turns out that you can make cake flour by measuring out one cup of flour, removing 2 tablespoons of flour and then adding two tablespoons of corn starch. Easy enough! Then you need to sift the flour, salt and sugar together.

Sifting the sugar, flour and salt

Most baking recipes ask you to sift the ingredients together and I always skip this step! But, today I thought that I should probably follow the recipe since I’ve never made it before and I wanted the cake texture to be light and fluffy

The most difficult part of making this cake is using patience! This is not a cake that can be whipped up in a couple of minutes! It takes time because you have to whip the egg whites together until stiff peaks form. Then, you have to add the dry ingredients to whipped egg whites about a tablespoon at a time. So, patience is necessary when making an angel food cake from scratch!

Egg whites are beaten until stiff peaks form

As I watched my KitchenAid mixer do all the work for me I was thinking about how labor intensive making an angel food cake would have been a hundred years ago without electricity! Oh, how far we have come with technology! Which got me to thinking… when was electricity invented?

Here is the cake in the meeting room

Anyways, the angel food cake turned out perfectly. A nice golden-brown on the outside and light and fluffy in the center. Topped off with homemade whipping cream and fresh strawberries with a bit of sugar. It was a hit at the potluck lunch!

Golden brown on the outside, with a light fluffy center

Angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream



6 thoughts on “Homemade Angel Food Cake – It takes patience…

  1. andreabregg says:

    Hi Amanda, I love how you set up this post, with your rationale for making the cake, also your little-unrelated thoughts about electricity, which you didn’t answer in the post making the reader follow your links and your thinking… (1930:)). One suggestion, when you create a link I always click the box to have it open in a new tab, I think Audrey trained me well in ECS 302 with that one, but it is nice for the reader. Happy baking!

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