Finding Feedly


I was on Feedly today, researching different sites and blogs to follow to assist my learning in using technology in the classroom and education in general. I think that this will be a really useful tool, especially because I didn’t really have any other way to research stuff on the internet other than doing a Google search. Searching the internet using Google is fine, but sometimes, actually more often than not, I really come up with nothing that is of any use to me. So, hopefully using Feedly will help in researching education technology.

I happened to make three categories that I am interested in… the first of course being Educational Technology, next is a general Education file and lastly, I decided to create a Design file since that is something that I love to learn about!

My Feedly

A site that I am following is called Free Technology For Teachers. This site has articles about different apps to use in the classroom and also includes free resources and trouble shooting articles. This is great for me because I’m always looking for new resources! A second site that I am following is called TeachThought. This site has great articles on becoming a better teacher, classroom management tools and again using technology in the classroom. I think this will be another useful resource for me going into internship and being a new teacher next year.


I’m totally looking forward to using the Feedly app in the coming days to research education technology and design. We are planning a trip to Calgary and I will have about seven or so hours to get used to using the app!



One thought on “Finding Feedly

  1. andreabregg says:

    Sounds like you’re off to a good start, I agree that sometimes Google just doesn’t deliver what you are REALLY looking for. As well good for you for keeping one of the categories for something that you enjoy, it can’t be all education and classroom all the time. 🙂

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